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 Dumpers : Models Available | EC-36

Electric-Cable, Drum or Box Type Incline Dumper
  • Engineered to lift medium to heavy weight drums, barrels or boxes up to heights of 8 to 30 feet at a 75° incline to maximize reach.
  • Can be used in integrated material management systems.
  • Stationary design.

Dump Height:
96" - 360"


1,000 - 4,000 Lbs.
Drums, Carts, Boxes





[ EC-36 PowRdumper ]
  • Standard Structural Steel
  • Self supporting mast frame
  • Dumper Carriage: heavy gauge steel sheet
  • One multi strand wire rope
  • Electric motor driving gear reducer with output to single lift cable and drum
  • Adjustable heavy-duty hold-down clamps accommodate a variety of drum heights
  • Langley tan machinery enamel
  • Incline lift / dump path in smaller frame


 safety features [ EC-36 PowRdumper ]

  • Slack cable switch
  • Cable over tension switch
  • UL listed components
  • Nema rated electrical components
  • Every machine factory assembled and load tested
  • Broken cable, self activating safety assembly


PowRdumper controls [ EC-36 PowRdumper ]

  • Pushbutton station, Up-down (Deadman) constant pressure type
  • UL listed components
  • Nema rated electric components
  • Over travel limit switch

shipping [ EC-36 PowRdumper ]

  • Most models are shipped on their back in 2 pieces, banded to a skid, via common carrier.
  • Freight Class 85 - F.O.B. Victor N.Y. 14564


 installation [ EC-36 PowRdumper ]

  • Bolt on top frame section at splice
  • On stationary units the base frame must be bolted to the floor
  • Power and control wiring to be connected


options [ EC-36 PowRdumper ]

  • Stationary or portable design
  • Pushbutton station, up-down-stop, self maintained
  • Pushbutton station, up-down-stop, with time delay at dump point 0-180 seconds (automatic cycle)
  • Pushbutton remote on 15 foot cord
  • Provide unit with no controls
  • Load platform 24" wide x 36" long x 36" high
  • Carriage inside surfaces, #304 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel lift cable
  • Hopper carriage available
  • Tapered discharge chute
  • Epoxy paint
  • Gravity roller conveyor on deck
  • Special controls for hazardous locations
  • Can be supplied with food grade option


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